Immigration Lawyers Fresno

Immigration Law is one of the most complex areas in the U.S. Legal System, everyday we come across several cases where applications have been refused or cases where deportation order has been served. Due to ongoing changes in US immigration law, we have seen a high number of enquiries from Fresno and other sorrounding areas. Our Expert immigration lawyers based at at Joshi Law Firm Fresno are at your service to provide you with efficient and affordable legal help in all kinds of immigration matters.

Deportation Defense will give you an idea of most common grouds of relief from Deportation. 

The Family Immigration page will give you an insight of the family immigration system of the U.S. It explains different catergories in which your family members may be divided and what kind of visa might be available for them.

Please follow the links on the left to find more detailed information regarding different areas or types of immigration. 

We at Joshi Law Firm are a success driven team of expert attorneys who treat their work with passion and understand the impact of an immigration decision on our clients. We treat each case individually and deliver honest, authentic and transparent advice based on true merits of the case. We strive to maintain a 100% success rate in achieving a positive outcome for all our immigration cases, hence unlike other lawyers, we will not waste your time or money on a case with low merits.

Law offices in Fresno

We are just minutes from Freeway 41, Highway 99 and Fresno Downtown - providing convenient access to state/federal offices and Fresno Court. Our address is: 516 West Shaw Avenue, Fresno, 93704. For our full contact details and directions please see our contact us page.

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